we are doing the dash between

this thing and this other

thing. three balls. a new

groundhog under the shed.

the storm of chipmunks

along the road. the words

to find. the documents to

fill. we have so many

goddamned projects. we have

so many things

open. every day we are

solving the problems

of time.

and meanwhile the patient

bush does its turning red.

and meanwhile the feckless

air does its turning


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Your hover is usually okay, Runt.

It makes me feel safe.

Protected, innit.

Cuz yes you’re so big and so strong, ok?

All I’m saying is it’s just

distracting when

I’m dropping a poop.

It’s why I usually go off into the trees.

Or to the back of the yard.

Near the fence.

If you hover during a poop situation

it gives me the panic.

And then I have to pinch it off before it’s ready.

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I’m just wondering…

do you think if we put those two

Collies into a whiskey barrel and

roll them down the hill

we’d still be able to hear their

barking in hell?

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we’ve done all the preliminary investigations.

based on everything

we’ve seen and smelled

we can say confidently:

a browning is happening.

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The Will to Move Balls

The Will to Move Balls

Wait wait wait.

I swear, it’s gonna happen.

I’ve done it like five gajillion times now.

I can will it to move.

With my ears.

Are you watching??

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Bald Man Joke #2

Bald Man Joke #2

Right. Ow bout this one, then:

A Bald Man walks into a bar. He asks the bartender for a bottle of water.



All about the timing, innit.

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Bald Man Joke #1

Bald Man Joke #1

OK, OK, OK! I got one:

How many Bald Mans does it take to write a novel?

How many?

Shit I have no idea how to finish this thing! Let’s go get a drink and think about it!

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Great Mearle

Great Mearle

I’m pretty sure he called you

Great Mearle.

Has he had the flask out?

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Stink and Drink

Stink and Drink

we did a stink and drink, which wasn’t so bad. we

got to sleep in a dome with the Bald Man. we sat

around a fire. we cooked food and we ate it. and if

we needed to pee we just peed.  and if we needed to stink

we just stank. sometimes the people thought

there might be bears in the dark. I guarantee you

there were not bears in the dark. because I bark for plenty

of things in the night. I feel like I  would bark for bears. I

feel like bears are something I would bark for.


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