Big Open

Big Open

when we see the big open, we know it

and we will go to see it again and

again, until our knees no

longer take us and

we can see it

no more.

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Play Right

Play Right

What did you do wrong?

Well, for one thing, during the

Carbon Freeze scene, when

I say “I love you”

you’re supposed to say

“I know.” Not “I love you

too so much I do I love you omg

yes.” Play right, or

don’t play at all,


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I bet you dinner all

he’s got in his pocket

is a flask.

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Miss H

Miss H

You want Purebred Beagle?

I’ll do you one better, Westminster:

Purebred Honey, innit.

They say you can track, Miss P.

You ever even put your

precious paws to a hard snow?

Stick your snout into the burning ice

and ask the cold for more?

You ever kil’t a critter with your

bare teeth?

Look, it’s okay.

I think we all know what “P”

stands for…

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Great White Flat

Great White Flat

this great white flat cleans

the forest floor. makes it

ours to roam. we

can stand in the

negative wind

listening. the

brittle timber crack

and groan.

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My Local

My Local

My locals:

Local Coffee Land where I buy the caffeine.

Local Hydrant.

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White Slip

White Slip

jump onto the white

slip. slide into the

unknowing and

be glad.

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Winter Album Cover II: Adequan

Winter Album Cover II: Adequan

Don’t act tough with me, Runt.

You haven’t written a decent song since

that day we tripped with the cute

girl at Petsmart. Listen to me: they can’t

all be songs about squirrels. You have

to talk about real life. About sometimes you just

feeling like chewing your foot. Or how you just wanna

roll all the fuck in a bad smell. Or just drop somma dem poops

in the cold, cold snow. I’m gonna write one about my

bad knees, innit. And getting dem shots in my

ass. I’m going to call it:


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Flatiron Hydrant

Flatiron Hydrant

It bothers me when the caps are off.

Like, aesthetically, it bothers me.

Caps are off a lot of NYC hydrants.

It just puts me a little on edge.

Is what I’m saying.

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