Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training

Ok, but let’s say you catch this

…how you say…


What then, eat it?

Maudit. Certainement pas…

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I hate to state the obviousness, mais…

… oh, mon dieu, comment dites …

Ok… ecoutez-moi:

you two do comprehend, don’t you?

la raison he puts you ici

in this ridiculous “pillow palace”

is because he thinks

you can not drive?

Why do you go along with this insane charade?

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Trust me.

I know what I’m doing.

He will put aside just about anything for a game of pull.

Even his vanity.

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Oh-em-gee, yes…

Please tell me again about that time

you killed the rabbit.

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Heart-Shaped Team Graze

Heart-Shaped Team Graze

I agree, the

deer poop is brill.

Isn’t it?

Still, a bit problematic, they are.

Gastronomic       disturbances.

Heartburn, innit.

Mind you, I’ll still eat ‘em.

Rabbit poop is gentler, then?

Would you say?

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we’ve been waiting for

an untangling

to happen this year, but

christ there is


such thing        and that’s

probably best.

all good things happen mid-tangle.

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Forever into Knowing

Forever into Knowing

we are happiest when

the air is thin

and cold.      the ground

hard.         even the snot

turns solid on

our noses and

we are

happy, innit.

and as the waters around us


the waters inside

  us move

forever into knowing.

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