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There are a lot of heavy subjects in this one, but I think the takeaway is one of transcendence. And that our identities are complicated and multi-faceted and more than just one thing.

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Goodbye to Honey

…and one of the miraculous things Honey did for me is make me interested in things again. I became interested in things again by being interested in Honey. I took her to training classes. I took her to the dog park. We went everywhere together. I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that if I was happy, I was happy because of her.

If I felt anything at all, I felt it because of her.

Alright, I Got My Tissues
Winter 2016

Post-Honey Reflective...

Rothko’s first fall and winter alone has been a reflective one…

Fall/Winter, 2015-16

Portrait of the Writer, As...

Meet the many versions of me…

An Introduction

Good With Numbers: Rappahannock Review

The zero. The nothing. Reciting the zeros is all about repetition.

Zero is persuasive. Zero is full of ego.

Throw in a goddamned zero, and the other number becomes a zero. Every time. I swear it to you. This is not bullshit.

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