Hermeneutic Chaos, Issue 5

Latest Fiction: Hermeneutic Chaos, Issue 5

My story “Dory T. Wellington and the Fire Orange Blue Jellyfish Kite” is in it.

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Latest Nonfiction: Rappahannock Review

My story “Good with Numbers” is in Issue 1.2.

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Fall 2014

Dem Oranges and Reds

Honey and Rothko. The Colors. Fall 2014.

Fall, 2014
The Unloved Pet: Latest Blog Post

Latest Blog Post: The Unloved Pet

And yet, this language thing never works the way you feel it should. This language thing. This put. The thing you want to put is a feeling. The thing you want to put is a mood. The thing you want to put is a blast: Of happy. Or sad. Of some sort of impossible (and implausible) awareness you believe you had or upon which you may be on the cusp. (I am always on the cusp of an awareness.)

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