The Nervous Breakdown

Latest Essay: The Nervous Breakdown

“Pretending I Have My Wits About Me”

On the evening of January 3rd, I slept on my bathroom floor. Sometime during the night, Rothko found me there and started barking at me.

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Hermeneutic Chaos, Issue 5

Latest Fiction: Hermeneutic Chaos, Issue 5

“Dory T. Wellington and the Fire Orange Blue Jellyfish Kite”

I stole the kite from Mr. Kensey on my birthday. I stole it while he slept in a chair in his backyard.

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Latest Nonfiction: Rappahannock Review

“Good with Numbers”

The zero. The nothing. Reciting the zeros is all about repetition.

Zero is persuasive. Zero is full of ego.

Throw in a goddamned zero, and the other number becomes a zero. Every time. I swear it to you. This is not bullshit.

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Fall 2014

Dem Oranges and Reds

Honey and Rothko. The Colors. Fall 2014.

Fall, 2014